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Tips for catching a Leprechaun


Have some fun this St. Patrick’s Day by helping your kids try their hand at catching a Leprechaun!  To make your trap a success, try following these general rules:

  • Leprechauns like the color green, especially green shamrocks.
  • The best way to get a Leprechaun to do something is to make a sign saying not to do it.
  • Leprechauns are drawn to gold and other shiny, gold-like objects.
  • If you do something nice for a Leprechaun, they will in turn, do something nice for you!

Get extra creative in creating your Leprechaun traps – pull out a wide variety of craft supplies for kids to use and see what you can come up with together!  Encourage your whole family to chip in on this St. Patrick’s Day activity and come up with one spectacular craft! 

Besides providing entertainment, this kid’s craft and activity is also a great way to develop thinking skills.  How will the trap work?  What steps  need to be taken in order to make it?  What needs to happen first, second…?

Here are a couple of neat examples to help get you started:

Photo by FamilyFun Magazine

This activity for kids will be sure to make St. Patrick’s Day extra fun!

Posted by Erica Lauren – March 15, 2011

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