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Rainy day kid’s craft project


This particular kid’s craft project has been inspired by the rain, which has been falling for some time now.  I figure that if the rain insists on pouring down, then we all may as well make the most out of it.  There are many fun family activities that can be done during a nice, friendly spring rain, and raindrop art is one of them.

Photo by FamilyFun Magazine

During the next light rain, give everyone in the family a piece of paper and some markers to color all over it with.  The idea with this project is to completely fill your paper with your favorite colors, and then let the rain do the rest of the work.  Stick your colorful creations outside in the rain, blurring the marker colors and making fun patterns as the raindrops fall.

Bring your wet papers inside to dry and then compare the different patterns of each one.  It will be fun to see how each family member’s art project differs from everyone else’s.  I really love kid’s craft projects like this one, not only because it’s a fun family activity, but because it shows kids that art can be made in many different ways and not always with typical supplies.

Posted by Erica Lauren – May 15, 2011

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