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Thankful for feathers for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time for family, food and being thankful.  This year, do something extra special to share all that you and your family are thankful for.  Thankful for Feathers is a great family activity to get into in the week or so before Thanksgiving.  It’s a fun family acitivity, that gets everyone involved, even friends and  relatives who live farther away. 

All you’ll need are a bunch of large feathers, which you and your kids can make out of construction paper.  Freehand is fine, but tracing around a stencil can be a good activity for young kids working on fine motor skills.  Next, create a paper turkey, but without the feathers.  You’ll also need an adult to find addresses for everyone who will be getting a feather.  For kids who are learning how to address an envelope, this is the perfect activity! 

Place a feather in each envelope, with a brief note, explaining what to do:  write your name and one thing you are thankful for this Thanksgiving, and then send it back.  Over the week before thanksgiving, collect the feathers, placing them on the paper turkey.  On Thanksgiving day, have your children read each feather out loud.  This is a wonderful way for family and friends to share what they are thankful for.

Photo by Nadine via Brainy Girl

Posted by Erica Lauren

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