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Edible Ladybugs







With warmer weather coming your way, you’re sure to see

more ladybugs out and about. This is a recipe for one, big

ladybug….that you can eat!

Ingredients Checklist:

* 1 red apple

* Large handful of raisins

* 4 small pretzel sticks

* Peanut butter (about 1 large tablespoon)


1. Cut apple in half, scooping out all seeds. Lay both

halves flat side down on a plate.

2. Place small dots of peanut butter all over the apples;

stick a raisin onto each dot to make the spots on the

ladybug. You can also place 2 raisins for eyes.

3. Carefully stick 2 pretzel sticks into each ladybug, these

will be the antenna. You may want to carve holes

using a toothpick before putting them in.

You will now have 2 tasty ladybugs ready to eat – take one

for yourself and find a friend to enjoy the other!

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